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Our Story

One and a half centuries ago, before the time of household refrigeration, a Philadelphia tinsmith named John Landis Mason had the vision of creating the ideal home canning jar. By creating the lid and rubber sealing ring, Mason invented and patented a screw-finish canning jar he not-so-surprisingly called the Mason jar. Mason changed the world with his invention by simplifying and improving millions of lives.

Americana Vintage

Built to last

Today, Mason Craft & More focuses on simplifying and improving households while celebrating creativity and the unique individuality that shines within each person. We deliver a functional and versatile collection of products that enhances the quality of everyday life. Ranging from multipurpose glass jars to cast iron pans, we encompass iconic vintage style and trusted durability with our diverse collections.

Discover your style

Our vast lineup of products can be found in households across the world. We believe that our products should serve as a canvas for personal style. From the DIY enthusiast to the college freshman to the busy mom, Mason Craft & More is in your corner. We invite you to browse and select a few items that will enhance your every day life as well as the ones you choose to share it with.